About Us

Our mission is summed up in three words:

Engage, Educate, Empower.


4744a2d1-2b28-4b9f-95dd-2bc23e1df763For the constitutional and conservative principles that have made this country great to continue, we must grow!  As we continue to grow, we atKendall County Texas Tea Party ENGAGE with people in our community to grow the conservative movement!



GettyImages_629600769.0In the Kendall County Texas Tea Party, we bring in elected officials and speakers to EDUCATE us on such principles as limited government, individualism, fiscal responsibility, federalism, and economic freedom!  We do not care if you have never been politically active before or if politics is not your thing.  All we ask is that you come willing to learn!


IMG_5996We know we can’t rely on Washington, Austin, or politicians to solve all of our problems. That is why we at Kendall County Texas Tea Party want to EMPOWER the people!  We will be offering you opportunities to work with candidates and groups that are leading the fight for conservative principles.




At the inception of this country, only a small minority wanted to start a revolution, and look where we are today!  All it takes is a few educated and empowered people willing to engage with others to keep freedom alive, and that is what we intend to do!